At Norris Cleaning Company, we have a strong environmental policy which is at the core of our business practices and methods. We have been actively involved in the implementation of water saving washroom and water recycling technologies since 2004, and we tailor our cleaning methodologies to eliminate the use of detrimental detergents and bleaches in favour of biodegradable microbial cleaning systems.

Norris Cleaning Company undertakes all commercial activities in the ACT in strict accordance with the Environment Protection Act 1997, the Environment Protection Regulation 2005, the Dangerous Substances Act 2004, the Litter Act 2004 and the Water Resources Act 2007. We acknowledge our general environmental duty, which requires that, all practicable and reasonable steps are taken in order to minimise environmental harm or nuisance.

Comprehensive training for all staff and ongoing improvements
Norris Cleaning Company has an environmental management system in place which conforms to AS/NZ 14001. This policy forms part of the staff induction and training process. As a component of this environment system, we regularly undertake environment audits on all sites to enable both corrective and preventative action,and to foster continual improvements to the system.

Currently we are working with the Department of the Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water in formalising current recycling programs we have in place, and implementing any changes necessary for our clients to become compliant, and to achieve ACTSmart Business Accreditation. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of the Environment, Climate Change, Energy and Water and expect to become the first ACT cleaning contractor accredited under ACTSmart Business Recycling Program. Some of the measures we implement include:

  • The use of degradable bags for waste.
  • Selecting consumables sourced from sustainable managed plantations or made from 100% recycled paper and endorsed by Good Environmental Choice Australia.

Water use reduction
We have a strong commitment to source, trial, use and maintain waterless and low water volume products.By using high pressure/low volume pressure cleaners for window cleaning and building wash downs, we can reduce water usage by 30%.Where feasible, weuse abseil access for high-rise window cleaning, and use the “mop and squeegee” cleaning method which uses only a fraction of water in comparison to the “broom and hose” method.

We can undertake “captive” pressure cleaning, where waste water is recovered and disposed of through ACTEW. We hold a certificate issued under the Utilities (Water Conservation) Regulation 2006 Stage 3 Water Restriction Exemption No. 29208.