What Are the Benefits of a Clean Workplace?
Having a clean workplace has a number of benefits. As well as making a great impression on clients and visitors, a clean workplace is essential if you want to maintain a high standard of health and safety for your employees.

A healthy workforce is a more productive workforce. Many problems that can lead to absenteeism and low productivity, including respiratory complaints, falls and injuries, can bereduced or prevented entirely through organisation, following regularcleaning procedures, and keeping on top of maintenance issues.

Being on the receiving end of an OH&S claim by an employee can be costly and stressful. Our cleaning employees are highly knowledgeable and trained in all aspects of workplace safety. We can help you keep your employees safe, and reduce the likelihood that they will experience workplace accidents and injuries.

As an environmentally aware cleaning company, Norris Cleaning Company staff members will ensure that any chemicals used are handled, transported and stored in accordance with safety standards. We use environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever possible to reduce the impact on the environment, and on the health of employees.