Did you know that as well as making your building or office look fantastic, regular cleaning can improve the health and safety of your employees? Cleanliness is essential to maintaining good Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) standards. In addition to keeping your building clean, our employees have the expertise and training to identify potential health and safety concerns around the building and notify you before they become an issue.

Common workplace hazards such as dirtyfloors, debris in walkways and slippery surfaces can all be avoided through good cleaning practices, and at Norris Cleaning Company we pride ourselves on our safety-oriented approach. Before they commence work or start on a new job, our employees are thoroughly briefed on safety issues and are made aware of any potential concerns.We take responsibility for implementing good health and safety practices for our staff members, so you don’t have to worry.

We can advise you on health and safety concerns such as the safe storage of hazardous chemicals and the minimisation and reduction of air pollution, and make provisions for spills to be cleaned up effectively as soon as they occur. This can help contribute to a safer workplace for you, your employees and visitors. Creating and maintaining a safe working environment is at the forefront of our philosophy and we can help ensure that your workplace remains hazard free at all times.